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R E V I E W S   A N D  T E S T I M O N I A L S

“Lots of people sing.  Lots of people sing well.  It is a rare person that has a soul that sings as beautifully as their audible voice.  Rachel is that person...and then some.”

​     -Craig Taubman


“...always prepared...[Cantor Goldman] not only knows the music and...liturgy, [but] how to convey the soul of the prayer. She is an absolute professional in every sense of the word.”

​     -Rabbi Mark Borovitz, Senior Rabbi, Beit T'Shuvah, Los Angeles

[from a parent following her daughter's Bat Mitzvah]

“We are so lucky.  SO lucky!! Her voice, her whole self! She gave me everything I ever wanted...she REACHED MY DAUGHTER!”

     ​-Mother of former private student

[in response to a service video of Cantor Goldman singing Helfman Hashkiveinu]

“I was longing for Helfman's version and found this. While I've had the privilege of hearing Rachel in the past, this took my breath away. Truly a voice from God.”

     ​-Irv Weintraub, William Morris Agency, Past Valley Beth Shalom President

[in response to a service video of Cantor Goldman singing Janowski Avinu Malkeinu]

"Hazzan! Outstanding! I think this is the most incredible rendition of Max Janowski's beautiful melody, hands down...and I've heard Barbra Streisand sing it."

​     -YouTube Cantorial Enthusiast

“Cantor Rachel...led us through a series of uplifting, spiritual and

joyful [Shabbat and High Holy Days] services. [She] sang with such beauty and ease that at times we forgot where we were.”

     ​-Beit T'Shuvah 2013 Annual Report

“Cantor Goldman is not just a beautiful voice, but also someone with a tremendous work ethic and a vast body of knowledge.  The total package.”

​     -Congregant, Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, CA

“Very talented with a beautiful voice, terrific personality and great charisma. An absolute winner!”

     -Cantor Joseph Gole, Hazzan Emeritus, Sinai Temple, Beverly Hills, CA

“Rachel has the most powerful and inspirational presence and voice that I have ever heard! You will be spiritually transformed by listening to her. She brings so much joy...[plus she] is also extremely professional to work with as a colleague [off the bema]. It is a pleasure to work with Rachel on every level!”

     ​-Nina Haller, former Major Gifts Coordinator and congregant,  Beit T'Shuvah, Los Angeles, CA

“Rachel is such a gift. She brings wisdom and care to all those around her and her love of Judaism shines through with every service she performs. Her voice is magical, filled with such emotion that it often brings me to tears.”

     ​-Meryl Kern, Congregant,  Beit T'Shuvah, Los Angeles, CA

“You can see, even in playback footage of services, that she goes to another place when she sings...and she takes you with her.”

     ​-James Fuchs, Former Artistic Director,  Beit T'Shuvah, Los Angeles, CA

“The first and only (thus far) woman to prove me wrong in my long-standing belief that women should not be Shlichei Tzibur.  Beyond mesmerizing. This is truly a neshama that transcends gender.”

​     -Modern Orthodox visitor of Beit T'Shuvah Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Service, via survey

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